About Us

The Eagle Creek Watershed Group Inc. (ECWG) is an independent non-profit corporation that has been formed to deliver watershed based awareness through an agri-environmental group plan in west central Saskatchewan encompassing the Eagle Creek watershed area and many Rural Municipalities.

The watershed covers approximately 9000 square miles and is a sub-basin of the North Saskatchewan River basin. Water from the Eagle Creek flows into the North Saskatchewan River at a point in line with Radisson, Sk. The creek is the dominant watercourse in the area with many unnamed creeks and watercourses discharging into it. Tramping Lake and Opuntia Lake are situated right on the Eagle Creek. Kiyiu Lake is a sub-basin and other named water bodies include Whiteshore Lake, Landis Lake, White Heron Lake and Flat Lake. Water enters the watershed as precipitation or through ground water springs.

The ECWG has was first incorporated in 2009 as the Southern Eagle Creek Watershed Group. In 2013 we amalgamated with the Northern Eagle Creek Watershed Group. Our goal has remained to promote environmental beneficial management practices to protect and enhance the watershed.

We Deliver Awareness In RMs:

RM 379 Reford (Wilkie, SK); RM 378 Rosemount (Landis SK);
RM 377 Glenside (Biggar SK); RM 376 Eagle Creek (Arelee SK)
RM 352 Heart’s Hill (Luseland SK); RM 351 Progress (Luseland SK)
RM 350 Mariposa (Kerrobert SK); RM 349 Grandview (Kelfield SK)
RM 347 Biggar (Biggar SK); RM 346 Perdue (Perdue SK)
RM 322 Antelope Park (Marengo SK); RM 321 Prairedale (Smiley SK)
RM 320 Oakdale (Coleville SK); RM 319 Winslow (Dodsland SK)
RM 318 Mountain View (Herschel SK); RM 317 Marriott (Rosetown SK)
RM 316 Harris (Harris SK); RM 288 Pleasant Valley (Rosetown SK)
RM 287 St Andrews (Rosetown SK); RM 286 Milden (Milden SK)
RM 257 Monet (Elrose SK)

Here is the brief overview of what we do:

Raising awareness

Awareness-raising campaigns are recognised as the most efficient and effective means of communicating information especially to the general public.

Protecting watershed

Water is vital to all life and is widely recognized as a valuable natural resource that must be protected and conserved in Saskatchewan.

Protecting environment

Our practices of protecting the natural environment include individual, organizational or governmental levels, for the benefit of both the natural environment and humans.

Enhancing watershed

It can be easy and tempting to think of watershed stewardship as someone else’s problem, but the responsibility for our most precious resource begins right at home. That's why we are enhancing all the terrain in a given area that drains to a single point be it a lake, stream, wetland, or bigger rivers like North Saskatchewan river.

Promoting BMPs

A BMP is defined as any agricultural management practice which: a) Ensures the long- term health and sustainability of land-related resources used for agricultural production; b) Positively impacts the long-term economic and environmental viability of agricultural production; and c) Minimizes negative impacts and risk to the environment.

Work with Farmers

We work closely with both Agricultural producers in the area and RMs as well as with the Ministry of Agriculture and private businesses to maintain the health of the watershed so that it will continue to function effectively and provide safe water for all to enjoy.