Water quality is important. Why?

Water quality is important. Our basic health relies on it. If you are a rural resident that relies on well water for your family, children and grandchildren it is important you know the quality of your water. For more information - read article:


Where can I submit my water sample?

Hospitals in Biggar, Rosetown and Kerrobert will give you containers to fill and will send your water sample in for you. Biggar and Rosetown send their samples in Monday/Tuesday. The cost of your test is then billed to you. The watershed office also has containers as does the Ministry of Agriculture office in Kindersley.


If you are heading into Saskatoon you can drop a sample off at Saskatchewan Research Council laboratory. More information can be found on their website:

What do I test for?

Personally, I think you should do a General Chemical/Water Quality ($94.50)* and a Health and Toxicity ($84.00)* at least once. These let you know things like the alkalinity and hardness of your water as well as the levels of things such as iron, lead and arsenic. By doing this at least once you can have a baseline incase you ever have problems.

The common test most people do is Regular and Nitrate Panel ($26.25) *which indicates the bacteria and nitrate levels in the water.

*Prices for the Provincial Lab located in Regina.

Then what?

The test will tell you if your results exceed limits. If you want to know more the Alberta government has a great tool that will tell you more about you results.